Green Building

Chadsworth Homes is a proud builder of ENERGY STAR labeled homes. 

3708 N Woodstock StGreen Building means many things to many people. For us  at Chadsworth, it is a way of life. We begin with the plans ensuring your home is Energy Star rated and built to above the Energy Code resulting in a comfortable and family oriented home. Chadsworth makes sure all our construction debris is sent to recycling yards and the result for all our work is a Home that delivers improved air quality, lower energy bills, and greater comfort, health and happiness for you and your loved ones. We help make the world a better place too by adhering to Green Sustainability Policies. What does Green Cost? It really doesn’t cost you anything more because it SAVES you money. But Chadsworth does not charge extra money for being Green. We are Green.  Not just when it is sunny outside, but every day in every way. So unless someone believes Energy Costs are going down, the extra time and money we put into your insulation SAVES you money both today and tomorrow.  The more energy you save the happier everyone is.

Green saves money but more importantly it makes your home healthier for you, your children and your grandchildren. Your home is a Safe and Pleasant refuge.

Chadsworth not only tells you this but as an Energy StarTM builder we have a third party inspector who reviews our home plans before we start building  and then throughout the building process comes on site to inspect and measure our work against Energy Star Standards to ensure your home is Safe, Sound and Great for everyone.  At the end of the building Process the Third Party Inspector sends you a Certificate that your home meets the rigorous standards of Energy Star™; making your home all the more valuable when you go to resell.

ENERGY STAR qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings.

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Is Building Green the same as Building Energy Efficient?

The answer is Yes and No; while all homes that are Green are Energy Efficient not all Energy Efficient homes are Green. Of course that depends on the definition of Green. This is confusing but to help make sense out of the Green versus  Energy Efficiency question.  It helps to think of Green as a Philosophy that incorporates energy efficiency.

There are many different Green programs with the best known being LEED, NAHB and Energy Star. These programs are not equal and are not intended to accomplish the same results. However using just one example for the purpose of today’s blog, a Green program gives points if a load of lumber comes from a mill that is within 500 miles of the house, while an Energy Efficient program does not consider this in their scoring.

The question each homebuyer wants to ask him or herself is: How much money am I willing to spend in order to build a home that lessens my impact on the earth…better known as my carbon imprint? The answer will help decide whether to build Green versus merely build an Energy Efficient Home.

Give us a call and we can meet to explain how we can assist you in saving money and building your dream home.