If  you can afford a new home then You Can Afford a Custom Built Home. This is truer than ever in today’s market with interest rates at  an all time low.  The common misconception is that a custom built home is more expensive. Actually this is not  the case. Keep in mind that a Custom Home should only have what you want in the house and we exclude what you don’t want.  But Chadsworth is a member of several Builder Buyer Co-ops.  This means we are able to buy construction materials at the same prices that large builders do. But we don’t have the large expense of overhead. No corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania.  No marketing directors in Texas. No engineering division in …well you get the point.  We have savings due to our size and we pass these saving on to you. Which is why You Can Afford a  Chadsworth Custom Home.

To help you in the design phase, we start by drawing a “preliminary” plan. From the preliminary plan we prepare an estimated cost with allowances for appliances, cabinets, flooring, etc.. If this cost fits within your budget, we move toward finished plans. If not, we make proper adjustments before finalizing a plan so that it is not cost prohibitive.  We then meet with one of our architects that we have used extensively.  The net result is you get a customized house plan at a price that others can’t even begin to touch.  So who designs your home? The answer is you do!

Chadsworth’s niche is as a Custom Home Builder. We have to be a CUSTOM builder to survive. The National companies advertise for additional market share. Once you sit down with them though you will hear the words “No” and “No” and “We don’t do that” and “No.” If you only want an additional electrical outlet then choosing a custom builder doesn’t matter. If you want “UNIQUENESS”, “ONE OF A KIND”, “A HOME YOU DESIGNED”, then your builder does matter. Chadsworth will work with you to create your dream.

We work with many different lenders, assuring our clients the best available rates. Most of our clients have their own long established banking relationships and choose to use them. If you do not have such a relationship we can recommend several companies. The lenders we work with are specialists in this field. We do not get any money from them and the price of the loan is competitive.

Many people shop around for the lowest possible price. This is reasonable and expected, however all builders are not the same. Many builders cut costs in the areas you do not see. If you want price over quality, Chadsworth is not for you. We will give you a QUALITY home for a fair price. We do not do “cheap.” We also stand behind our work. We will be there for your warranty items.

We will estimate the cost of a house based upon a list of features as well as a marketing plan picture. However, this will only be an estimate. By determining a “ball park” figure, in the early part of the planning process, we are able to help you determine the size and features of your new home.

The actual cost of the home will depend on what goes in it. Many people want to use a square foot average to determine what their house should cost. This approach is only useful for very broad comparisons. Any two houses are almost always different in terms of appointments and features. Adding to the difference in the houses themselves is the land. If the land is included in the sales price then the average square footage price is extremely unreliable.

A better way to phrase the question is: How is a small company able to get the same price as the large companies?

Well, the answer is as follows: we belong to a buying co-op. This co-op allows us to have the same buying power for raw materials as our large competitors. Even better, we don’t have the overhead expenses that our large competitors have.  We work with dedicated and professional subcontractors to keep the pricing fair; as we all know, money is important.

Our Mission at Chadsworth is to work with you to provide a home of exceptional quality and enduring value.

Chadsworth provides detailed specifications with allowances for appliances, cabinets, etc. Unless you make changes to your original plans and specifications the price will not change.

The professional staff of Chadsworth Homes will take full responsibility for the construction of your new home. Although we welcome your time and involvement, there should be no reason for you to miss work or otherwise alter your schedule during the construction of your new home. A professional superintendent will be assigned the responsibility of your home and he is responsible for your job from start to finish.

No, it is not necessary to have plans before you talk to us. However, you should have a general idea of what you want, that is the style or type of house. With this little bit of information we are able to assist you more with the process, whether you purchase your plans from a plan book or if we help you design your home with our architect. Better yet, we have a number of plans on the shelf that you can use or modify.

Chadsworth works with a design and selections company whose sole business is to help you make your new home selections. In their showroom, many selections are available to be viewed. These professionals can help you make selections for your NEW Custom Home.

We will supply allowances for those items that you are unsure about. We will allow you to go to our suppliers and pick from their stock. Anything above the allowance is an additional charge. Below the allowance and you get a credit. With this flexibility you are able to customize your home. Hence our motto:

Your Choice…Your Dream…Your Home!

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